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Our Mission 

The company's mission is to benefit and improve society within the community and the environment. Our constant aim is to save local families money by offering great children’s goods at low prices and to support families in need with free goods. We also offer volunteering opportunities to the local community.

As a parent myself I recognise the merit in offering this specialist service of reusing children’s items. I have seen first-hand how this can save local families money offering good quality pre-loved products at affordable prices. Along with this there is a strong ethos with the element of recycling within the company. It is important for us to help reduce the environmental impact of landfill waste and reduce disposable fashion.  We also use some of the non-wearable garments to make handmade crafts able donations through offering workshops for children making crafts with these materials.

Way Up High works in partnership with various local children’s services. We also have regular contact with local schools and supported residential living. Families are referred to us and we work together with the kindness of our customers to provide a care packages that could contain children’s toys, clothing or essential parenting items. We ensure that help reaches those who need it most & to enable families to accept this support anonymously & without stigma. The profits and donations are used to create these referral packs, meaning a child never needs to go without.

The goal for Way Up High is to be able to offer a larger community shop, that would also contain a parent and career community room. We would subsidise this community space to enable support and specialist meet up groups to come together in a safe comfortable environment. We would also be able to offer carer and child classes and hopefully craft workshops too

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